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We serve members through prepared meals for the sick, helping a new family move or helping the widows with their yard work. Locally, that call was answered with helping hands from about volunteers.

He points out that the shift is toward multi-generational families rather than converts because retention among converts is low. With decisions made in such a unilateral manner, personal biases will have an even stronger impact on the decision. Church members of all ages assisted maintenance staffs for the City of Eugene and Springfield parks.

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Reduce the pressure to marry within the faith. This is the classic tendency to confuse the gospel with the culture. Priesthood courts of the Church are not courts of retribution.

Some interviewees observed that due to the dearth of eligible men, there is an increase in promiscuity in Mormon dating culture. The article is partly a book review of Date-onomics, pluralidad de ideas yahoo dating a book that breaks down dating trends by demographics.

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What would you tell your adult daughter? Finally the bishop asked me to step out so they could decide whether I would lose my membership. The article also points out cultural difficulties that come with increased travel times due to the consolidation that put pressure on interfaith relationships within families. It will further alienate people.

Simply telling men who staff disciplinary councils to stop asking for sordid details is not enough to address the trauma a woman may experience when brought before an all-male council. It looks like the same thing is now happening to stakes, wards, and branches. You must have seduced him.

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But when the absence extends to a couple of hours more, and to more travel costs, it becomes troublesome. Simply put, we do not improve retention by focusing on multi-gen families, but by giving responsibility to converts and relying on them. So, in a church so obviously geared toward men, why are so many of them leaving?

The church will continue to shrink in Europe, and decision made by our top leadership are contributing to the problem. That just results in familial estrangement and resentment, not multi-gen congregations. To those who served missions in these areas, these changes are disappointing. It is said, however, that an all-male panel drawn from the various groups within the community will be as truly representative as if women were included. This has been caused by more men leaving the religion than women.

Local and personalized plays better in the towns of Europe where megachurches and Costcos are not the cultural norm. Our bishop called a church court on her and told her that all of the sins she had repented of in the past were no longer forgiven because she had messed up again.

Thoughts on the European Consolidation

It would be hard to shed some of these things, especially when multi-generational families have embraced them as a part of their own culture and identity. In the best case scenario, the husband or wife accepts the half-day Sunday absence of the partner. Men likewise do not act as a class.

What was once three missions, is not one mission. We also serve in our communities in various ways including feeding the homeless and aiding victims of natural disasters. If the church could somehow be willing to adjust its culture to fit the local needs, yet still retain the important essences of the gospel, growth would be a natural result.

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However, both male and female members may be brought before these all-male councils at the discretion of their local, male leaders. Of course the Church does not forbid its members from moving from one place to another to better themselves, but it has been many years since the Church has encouraged such emigration.

When I returned to the council, I was told that I was being put on probation for six months and I was given a long list of things that I had to do during that time so that I could be reinstated. These councils may also traumatize women who are only testifying as witnesses, not accused transgressors. As we seek to establish the Church in Africa and other nations, we must have third- and fourth-generation faithful Latter-day Saint families in our leadership and membership.