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If you still see this message after refreshing the page, cookies are still disabled for this site. My Word Search will never make money from your work. Try the Quick Answers above for a faster resolution. Here are some super-easy instructions to embed a word search in your site.

After you create your puzzle, songs of paraya dhan proofread it carefully to check for the placement of unintended words created by random letter combinations. All word searches created with the word search maker are saved to the cloud and accessible from any computer when you log in. Use a comma or press enter between words.

What about other languages? Can I print from a different computer? Try providing a different email address if you think our emails to you are being blocked. Multiplication Multi-Digit. We're upgrading our server right now and this feature is temporarily unavailable.

When you finalize your word search, you have the option of adding a password. If you have too many words or your words are too long, they may be left out of the puzzle. The Word Search Maker creates the puzzle page as well as a solution page. Otherwise you'll have to re-type them. Multiple Choice Generator.

Can my word search be solved online? Teaching Tools Award Certificates. Our word search generator uses a basic word filter to prevent the accidental, random creation of offensive words. Fill-in-the-Blanks Generator.

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Enter the title for your word search The title will appear at the top of your page. It says there is no account with my email. You can choose to enable all cookies, enable only first party cookies, or add an exception to allow cookies from MyWordSearch. Instead of trying to fiddle with printer settings, which can be time-consuming and frustrating, there are a couple workarounds you can try. There may be a limit to the number and lengths of words hidden.

Where are my saved word searches? Bloggers get free access to My Word Search.

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Please check your puzzle carefully to make sure all of your words are there. Be sure to log in using the same email address you used when you created your puzzle. You can create Spanish word searches using the Spanish word search maker and French word searches using the French word search maker. Check out the crossword puzzle maker at our sister site, CrosswordHobbyist. It looks weird when printed.

Word Search Puzzle Generator. Number of Letters Across Number of Letters Down Word search puzzle options Puzzles where the words do not share any letters are faster to generate and easier to solve. Can I keep my word search private?

Word Search Puzzle Generator

Puzzle saved to your account! You should always proofread word searches like this before giving to students in case inappropriate words end up in the randomized letters.

Free Word Search Puzzle Maker

Make Your Own Word Search. Use each letter only once. Billing Address Edit card. Any character that is not a letter will be considered a space. Want to create puzzles offline?

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Share letters occasionally. Right Bottom Hide word list Sort word list alphabetically.

Free Word Search Puzzle Maker

First check whether you used a different email address to create your account. How do I cancel my subscription?

Why choose My Word Search? We generally respond to all reported issues in about a day. When you think you have enabled cookies for this site, refresh the page and this message should disappear.

If you are a member of My Word Search and are still being asked for payment, then you may have inadvertently created a second account. Landscape mode works best for many puzzles. Individual word searches can also be purchased for special events.

Do I own the rights to my word search? Words will be skipped if it can't find room for in the grid. Enter your words Separate your words with commas, spaces or type each word on a new line.

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