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  1. Overall this drama was very good and I will watch it again and recommend it to others.
  2. And I couldn't see much depth.
  3. You know he'll take her up on it before the drama's done.
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At least on that level, they're in the clear. One Way Trip Korean Movies. Not so friendly after all.

Killer Toon Korean Movies. My Annoying Brother Korean Movies. The ratings are quite unfortunate so far but I hope it will get better and even popular.

She looks around the room at her own uplifting, self-supportive notes, and wonders where it all went wrong. They are nice and I like them. Do I think it's going to be life-changing? She confronts her project partner right before its presentation! Keys to the Heart Korean Movies.

Meanwhile the dance club blasts their music as they practice, and the study club cranks up their classical music to counter the pop coming through the walls. When she started choking and getting teary in while singing during the music class got me teary as well. Principal Choi stands to state that they plan to abolish any clubs that cause a disturbance. Teacher Yang definitely makes up for it for being so awesome.

Our website uses cookies to ensure its efficient functioning and to improve your experience. The Girl's Day members were criticized by audiences for what was seen as disrespectful behavior, and appeared on the stream the following day to offer an apology. Sometimes people really shouldn't follow trends like sheep. The room, living room, the building is big. Although the plot is slightly cliche is some parts u cant deny the cast did great.

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This is basically an idol drama with a few bigger names in the cast who need some material to fill out their resumes. So I'm very happy to see a drama about dance, that's hip and fun! Featured Videos Interview with Jang Hyuk The sometimes tough, sometimes soft, sometimes funny and a lot more! The main actress looks amazing I like her style and smile a lot. Later Yeon-doo keeps Dong-jae company while he shoots baskets, wondering why he plays when he hates physical contact and his teammates hate him.

Wouldn't that affect their dating? After they started dating, it became boaring. She leans over his desk and invites him to kiss her, right now, but he just smiles nervously. He isn't like that with any of the other girls, and he manages the task of being maddening and adorable all at once with such ease.

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This may seem like it's just fluff at first, but it seems to be dealing with some dark themes too. It's nice and light and breezy. She kicks the stool out from under his feet right as he pops the cola and flails away from the spray. The storyline had me at the so intrigued then shocked! Why watch this when Six Flying Dragons is on?

Other Photo from Official Site. Ji-soo had such a tiny screen time! She asks if Yeon-doo is so different from them, and Yeon-doo admits that this whole situation has enlightened her. Teacher Im bars Yeon-doo from the office, so she asks him to at least tell her who took the picture.

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Angel's Last Mission-Love. She was sooo adorable in with her lovely hairstyle and just simple gloss. Be good, please be good, Show, telephone first save me from Twenty Again's withdrawal!

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The actors are doing a wonderful job at drawing out my emotions and keeping my attention. Actually I might prefer it if she stays manipulative till the end. Jung Eunji is a great singer but I was impressed that she could make herself sound so ordinary and not like a good singer at all in the music lesson. This is what I am looking forward to watch it. The first part was entertaining.

Five students committed suicide. Also, her chemistry with Lee is out of this world. She wheedles for him to just tell her who tattled on her, and he only orders her to class. The Last Princess Korean Movies. And the story is very interesting.

She only ever studies, and has no extras that colleges look for. But, also he had only a few scenes. His teammates gripe when he lets the other team get a point and win the game, and Yeon-doo steps in to get his back. And the evil second place girl just happened to be passing by, so silly. Everyone is off to a great start, zoosk online dating and it makes it exciting to be at the beginning and still have the entire run of the drama ahead of us.

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The thing that I love and am prepared to dig my grave for is team Real King - we don't even really get a chance to get to know them over the titling cast, which is the hugest shame. Our Shining Days Asian Movies. This drama does not have all the cliches that make me want to scream at screen, why does slap or shake some sense into the characters.

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The actors have such a great chemistry! The obstacles they face and the friendships they form are more real and relatable. One of my favorite things about Sassy Go Go is the casting, it just seems pitch-perfect all around. This drama felt different long enough to get me hooked. Lee Won-gun as Yeol is so snooty you just want to punch him, yet he manages to be the cutest thing ever, all at the same time.

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Yeon-doo just wails that the food is salty, and bursts into loud tears. Am I the only one that is usually unimpressed by the dances in these dance dramas, renditions, etc. It's not mindblowing, and I'm not saying I was doing much more than losing my mind over how cute Eunji and N are, but the episode was more than watchable and I found myself enjoying the ride.

  • They must be working really hard considering they only began filming a few weeks ago.
  • Current members Yura and Hyeri were then added to the group to replace them.
  • But I'm looking forward to the cheerleading part, even though the reason for starting the team was a bit ridiculous for me.

No one can establish this kind of credibility like her that to in first scene and first episode. Her own vehemence knocks her legs out from under her, and she falls on top of him, faces uncomfortably close. She surprised by Yeol, who came to the roof to cool off, and she admits that the unfairness of this whole thing is driving her nuts. House of the Disappeared Korean Movies.

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The mother-in-law who tries to bribe the girlfriend or feels she is beneath her son. Is this going to be another Answer Me? Not like most kdrama parents, but the other characters got the kdrama useless parents. For me, it was interesting! Specially since his role seems pretty one dimensional right now.

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Indeed, a very good drama! The thing that jarred me the most in the first episode was the in your face presentation of Ha Joon's background with his father - Jesus, dating for smart guys way to put your cards on the table. Toppers got their certs and Teachers got bonus promotion.

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