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Validating getdlgitemint, getDlgItem function

Well, the processor doesn't have floating point support. Why not also do floating point? Let's start with the first question. In that case, the function returns no information about success or failure.

If you want GetDlgItemFloat you can write it yourself, and then you can shoulder the burden of runtime floating point support and handling floating point exceptions. It would have been excessive to add the entire floating point emulator to the window manager for the benefit of two functions most programs never call. The function stops translating when it reaches the end of the text or encounters a nonnumeric character. If you wanted hardware floating point support, you had to shell out the extra bucks for an coprocessor. To run on computers that didn't have an coprocessor, you had to include a floating point emulator, which is not a small library.

Why is there a GetDlgItemInt function? Sure, if you're doing numerical work, then you need floating point, but most Windows programs are like Regedit and Notepad, free dating new site not Excel. Most computer programs don't use floating point anyway. The function translates the retrieved text by stripping any extra spaces at the beginning of the text and then converting the decimal digits.

We'll learn more about the scary world of floating point exceptions in a few months. Note that, because zero is a possible translated value, a return value of zero does not by itself indicate failure. This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

GetDlgItem function