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It revolves mostly around how the Big temple is build, the social setup of that period and the engineering aspects. The novel starts with the main plot and one can very well unde Phew what a breath taking novel. Some of Balakumaran's best writing emerges when he describes how the vimana could have been built, an innovation thought which was structurally impossible at that time. The introduction of the characters blends well along the story line. Having read ponniyin selvan, one could find distinct differences in the portrayal of some of the characters.

Having said that, the novel is still a good one to complete. Much of this part is also devoted some of the skirmishes that rose amongst the different castes while building the temple. Of course balakumaran sir has done the difficult part of writing it out in six other books but I cant wait to read all six to know the answer. Infact I went to the temple within a week of completing the novel, only to get mesmerised by the architectural ingenuity and felt great standing beside the temple.

And when a friend suggested Udayar, couldn't be happier cz I was looking to read something of the same genre. Redirected from Udayar novel. Anyone having read ponniyin selvan is sure to love Udayar! Of-course as my review of previous books history lovers should go for it and for people who are interested in knowing on politics of the past and about ancient generation this is a definite read. It's not a simple task to extract water f The book, able mp3 converter that really made my cheeks wet - many times for which I'm happy too.

Balakumaran's contribution to films was largely in the field of screenplay making and dialogue writing. Balakumaran just hijacked me with his amazing writings.


It speaks about the difference of opinion between Rajaraja Cholan and his son Rajendra Cholan about building the temple. Why will n I think I didn't read this book I was hallucinating like I was living with the Chozhlas and every incident was happening around me!

She was an anukkiyar, a category that is apart from the queens and concubines. Hence, ditched this book with pages and I might pick up this book again. The last part of the book is very thrilling where the murder plot of Chola prince Aditya unfolds and the guilty ones are tracked for punishment. Just can't keep myself away from comparing this book to Ponniyin Selvan.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Probably it's not just the Rajarajan who should be credited, but every single person around him and of the empire. Brahmarayar and karuvur thevar are new main characters who were not there in Ponniyin selvan.


The facts mentioned in the book are really commendable and shows the extent of research done by the author. Though the book has lot of good things, but compared to first two books that talks mostly things around temple building, this goes a bit out and talks more about people. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. He presently resides at Mylapore, Chennai.

Now thinking back I am scared of rereading Po Just can't keep myself away from comparing this book to Ponniyin Selvan. Rajaraja solan is great, i like that karuvathur and arunmozhi character more. But on reading this book I get to know the strength of creativity of both kalki and balakumaran. When I read ponniyin selvan I could not appreciate the creativity of Kalki since I felt most of it to be historical facts.

For instance, the characters of Uthama Cholan and Sembian Madhevi were totally different from the way it was portrayed in Ponniyin Selvan. How he built the Thanjavur's Brahadeeshwara temple is the epicenter through which the surrounding political tremors, agitations and conque Such a Divine experience.


Sembian mahadevi character has been given a new dimension and lot o Excellent work by Mr. Like the previous parts of this novel, this part has been really good. Also the Aditya karikalan episode is well articulated and the sequence of events leading until to his death is very thrilling. That said, speaking about the style of writing and the plot unravelling, i could say its far behind Ponniyin selvan or Sivagamiyin Sabadham.

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Such is the narration that you hardly feel you are in this world. But atlast what stands out is the planning and thought process of just starting work on temple. An excellent historical novel from Balakumaran. Others can read this if you are a history buff. Hi everyone i just now finished the ponniyin selven of kalki.

Lakshmi yes even i heard about the Rajarajan Arulmozhi continuation as Udyar. The novel is very different in portraying the politics within family in thoughts and deeds, it also gives importance to other sides of life eg. Whoever did it, has worked on it with real faces.

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At that point in time, I hadn't read many other books and I enjoyed it completely. But has created great expectation to know what happens next. In his many novels he shows immense interest in enlightenment. Mostly dealing on people personality and how things get perceived from each people stands. Out of all the parts, The first one is so good.

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