Twin Heart Meditation

Meditation affects brain activity specifically in the limbic system, which controls metabolism, blood pressure, respiration and heart rate. Allow yourself to be a tunnel for divine light and divine joy.

1. Activate Your Energies

If practiced regularly, it brings about a deep inner transformation and expansion of consciousness so that you achieve illumination, self-realization, perfect harmony and oneness with God. In order to avoid the effects of excess energy - the energy is used to bless the earth and all mankind.

Activate your heart chakra by balling your hands in front of your chest. We need to exercise after the meditation in order to assimilate the energy we receive during the meditation. The meditation creates an opportunity for you to become a channel to bless every person every being on earth with a better life. It does not follow any specific religious belief or guru teacher.

We are going to bless the earth with loving kindness. Sit down and allow your root chakra to ground to the Earth. Practical Manual on Energy Healing.

Can you send me a link, please. At the interval between the two Oms, there is stillness. Imagine people are not only talking about doing something good, but actually acting out this goodness.

Raise your hands with your hands facing outward. Connect your tongue to your palate. You should know that most of these are not yours.

Once the unwanted thought forms and emotions are out of your system, your mind becomes clear and your emotions more refined. Recall a happy event, be aware of crown and smile. It is located at the base of your spine, and you should bring it within proximity to the ground. Then to further activate heart chakra and crown chakra Master Choa will use the prayer of Saint Francis Assisi while blessing the earth.

1. Activate Your EnergiesTwin Heart Meditation Activate Heart Chakra

So if you want to step up your meditation practice and more effectively cleanse yourself of negative energy, follow this step-by-step twin heart meditation guide. In fact Meditation on Twin Hearts flushes and cleanses the aura using the Spiritual energy thereby clearing and sharpening the mind and calming the emotions. Benefits of Twin Hearts Meditation. While there are many techniques for activating the chakras, the most effective, skype for hcl me tablet safest and fastest way is through using the heart and crown chakras for blessing the earth with loving kindness.

What is Meditation On Twin Hearts

This love, brings harmony to your revlationships. Can you feel your crown center responding with divine love and divine sweetness? Gently and lovingly smile at your heart, say words of love and sweetness to your heart, wait for the response. As they become channels for the flow of spiritual energies, they get activated in the process. Prana World is all about healing, spirituality and wholesome living through the teachings of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

What is Meditation on Twin Hearts

Chakra imbalance is a regular occurrence. Emotional equilibrium is a great asset which benefits people in all walks of life. Bless them with divine hope, with divine faith, with divine strength. Be aware of the stillness and be lovingly aware of the brilliant st art or the brilliant light or golden flame on your crown and let go.

Individuals can be blessed towards the end, when the energy is less strong. This also helps to cleanse and strengthen the physical body and release excess energy. Silently tell them you can make it. As you bless the entire earth with loving-kindness, you will be filled with love energy. Be aware of your heart and silently repeat after me.

Where there is doubt, faith. Your intention might even be to become happier, more intelligent, to develop intuition or achieve illumination.

Visualize roots of light spreading deep into the earth. Be aware of your crown, the center of your crown, imagine the small earth in front of you and silently repeat after me, from the heart of god, let the entire earth be blessed with loving-kindness. Become a divine channel The meditation creates an opportunity for you to become a channel to bless every person every being on earth with a better life.

Tension leaves the muscles, there is decrease in anxious thoughts and decline in the activity of stress hormones. Stillness is just a stepping stone.

If you are sitting on a chair, sit erect without leaning on its back. Unball your hands and allow energy to pour forth. Gently put your hands down. This is necessary since a person tends to become light headed after practicing meditation.

The crown chakra can be activated only when the heart chakra is sufficiently activated. This coupled with the technique of blessing others with good things in life that one personally desires, increases one's competence in relating effectively. Let there be understanding, harmony and peace. Keep your tongue touching the palate throughout the meditation. Could you please send me Ali her version of this.

Twin hearts meditation- Master Choa Kok Sui on Vimeo

Twin hearts meditation- Master Choa Kok Sui on Vimeo

Meditation on Twin Hearts

Within the stillness is greater spiritual activity. Re-experience this happy event. Let the entire earth be blessed with divine light, divine love and divine power. It can also be more selfless towards creating a better world for all. Lovingly and gently smile at your crown center, wait for the response.