Tum Bin Jaoon Kahan Kishore Kumar

Lyrics in both songs equally superb. This is now a question that the hero is asking of the heroine. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So stop unnecessary debate.

The film became a Silver Jubilee Hit. There is a lot of dignity here. There is minimal orchestration. Hussain wrote, produced, and directed the film. However, this is missing the point.

Tum Bin Jaoon Kahan Who Sang it Better Rafi or Kishore

Now he proceeds to descend to a dramatic resolution. However, they were not at the top of the hit parade. Yeah the lyrics are different.

This has always been a surefire hit situation for many films, where the hero wins back the heroine against insurmountable odds with a song in the last reel. They do so while comparing completely different songs sung by them. Now Sunil knows that he was adopted and understands that he was the lost son of Gopal. What Pancham is doing in this version is revisiting both the earlier romantic versions and playing off them. Having raised it high, a change of scale.

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Both the singers are legend. Here are some of the lyrics. There are misconceptions such as this being some kind of a contest between the two greats of the Hindi film music. Both the earlier versions actually build up to this song.

Years later, a grown-up Shashi Kapoor by chance comes across his father Bharat Bhushan singing the song. Shortly thereafter she meets with the real Jhatpat Singh, and changes her mind about the fake Jhatpat Singh alias Pyarelal. The musical instrument duggi was played by Homi Mullan for the song Ni sultana re. Some songs are tailor-made for some singers.

Kishore does his yawdling a bit here. In my opinion in this case Kishore is a winner to be honest as his yawdling put beauty in this song.

By that time, planning to steal away property, Shankar sends his son as the lost son of Jamuna and Gopal. Rafi version a few scenes later. But for Husain, the narrative purpose here is not about getting the heroine to rebel but to use the mukhda to jolt the mother out of her amnesia as she connects to her past. The two versions have been unfairly compared in my opinion.

Though his version was sadly picturised on Bharat Bhushan! Manay Daey from Bollywood. Bold, confident and so suave, yet playful.

The emotional wallop that these moments pack makes Nasir Husain movies what they are. The story was on Nasir Husain's favorite theme, new cutting edge pre-intermediate cd a family whose members get separated at the start of the movie and after much action are reunited at the end of the movie.

Just move your mouse on the stars above and click as per your rating. Having established that Shashi Kapoor is now familiar with the song and is quite mesmerized by it, Nasir Husain takes us to the Mohd.

Tum Bin Jaun Kahan Kumar Sanu Kishore Ki Yaadein Vol 4 Ankit Badal Ab

Pyar Ka Mausam at YouTube. This slow version serves as an important point in the plot to introduce Shashi Kapoor to the song. Both Legends admired each other and have been friends forever. However, here, Nasir Husain is not quite aiming at this.

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There is only one antara in the film version. All Hindi films with lost-and-found themes have situations where characters meet and fail to recognize each other, yet strike a bond with each other.

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There are some songs where Kishore either mispronounces the word or does not pronounce it properly. As aryan said Rafi sang in low pitch sweet voice whereas Kishore sang in high pitch voice. If we reflect, some of the most memorable moments in watching cinema, especially Hollywood or European, are works with great orchestral compositions with no lyrics. Season of love is a Indian bollywood movie under Nasir Hussain films banner.

Look at the technical aspect of the singing. Burman Films directed by Nasir Hussain. The fact is in those days songs could be promoted only on radio. Because we people are nothing to evaluate them.

Yes they both are legends but Rafi fans and Kishore fans have been fighting over who is the better singer forever. There are some who hold this song as the tipping point from whence Kishore Kumar moved ahead of Mohammed Rafi. Here is the Kishore Kumar sad version. Kishor Kumar is a class apart. One marvels at whether Pancham recorded the music to the edited sequence or the sequence was edited in sync with this piece of music.

When it comes to male playback singing most people are either Rafi fans or Kishore fans and they think that their favorite singer is the better singer or the greatest singer. The editing reinforces this with the images of Bharat Bhushan singing the earlier versions. Yeah Kishore does his yodelling in the happy version.

This is wooing Majrooh style. We realize that Nasir Husain, Majrooh and Pancham had meant to use the song to establish the narrative link from the start of the movie to its dramatic climax.

The hero usually breaks into a melancholic song, often on a piano, venting his ire at the world or targeting the hapless rich heroine. His hero is more Lochinvar than Devdas. Whatever be the sequence of events, the result is sheer magic on the screen.

Tum Bin Jaun Kahan Kumar Sanu Kishore Ki Yaadein Vol 4 Ankit Badal Ab