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Can be baited into dangerous situations, but is a very calm, competent and ruthless war machine. First speaks in The Master Builder. In robot mode, uses heat-ray rifle. Sub-machine gun fires rounds per minute.

Nebulans are aliens from the planet Nebulos who co-operate with the Transformers. Distribution electric substation with power lines and transformers Distribution electric substation with power lines and transformers, malayalam hindu devotional album songs at sunset. Distribution electric substation with power lines and transformers. Transformers cosplayers and visitors taking pictures.

Enjoys melting enemies into pools of liquid metal. Prowl will keep at a task for as long as it takes. He carries two concussion missiles. Enjoys playing cruel pranks on fellow Decepticons and appearing out of nowhere to attack Autobots. In his workbay on Earth he can make anything from a pin to a missile.

Shoots variety of liquids from supercooled nitrogen to superheated lead. Slowest and most resilient of the group. Fastlane is a bit immature, sometimes acts like a thrill-seeking show-off, enjoys looking for new ways to get his kicks.


Beta is one of the earliest known female Autobots, though the last to appear in the cartoon. Carries laser guided missiles and uses nega-gun that crumbles objects by breaking molecular bonds. High-strung, unnerved by quiet, expert marksman.

Storage of old large electric voltage transformers in the landfi. Good in situations requiring fast, decisive action. Formerly known as Ariel, Elita One is a devoted Autobot and powerful warrior, fearless in the face of the enemy, but compassionate to those who need her help.

Transformers Pictures

Flies for up to two minutes with rocket backpack. Flies in laser gun or robot mode. Speaks with the savvy of seasoned veteran.

Head transforms to semi-autonomous Cerebros, who is binary-bonded to the Nebulan leader, Spike. Oldest, toughest, most battle-tested Autobot. Adds twin scramjet modules and liquid hydrogen fuel tanks to escape Earth's gravity. Very vulnerable as insect and flying in high winds. It is unknown if this was really Skyfire.

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She is eternally in love with the heroic Optimus Prime. Takes Autobots on dizzying, death-defying flights to scare information out of them.

Very cool, very stylish, very competent. This article needs additional citations for verification. Their first cassette, Laserbeak, could fly undetected into any Autobot stronghold, record information and then return to base. Most adept at driving while in car mode. Equipped with photon rifle, flamethrower, full-spectrum beacon, db stereo speakers.

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Junkyard is also very good at identifying the needs of his customers, and is very good in business, and is a skilled technician, and does not like to fight in battle. Always takes death-defying risks.

Gets into lots of accidents. Vulnerable to attack by electromagnetic waves. They sometimes merge to figure out great tasks. He is also the first Transformer to awaken on Earth, and he is the sneakiest of all Decepticons.

33 coloring pages of Transformers

The only way to get him to follow advice is to persuade him to come up with the idea himself. We can assume this happened since he didn't appear in Headmasters. Six-gun is small robot, has ion-pulse rifles for arms, twin surface-to-air guided missile launchers on back, acetylene pistol. Often gets stuck in mid-transformation.

Worked with the mysterious Nebulan medical doctor, Arcana, to whom he is binary-bonded, to devise new technology that created the Headmasters. Against the sky Posts with transformers. Wheels allow limited land travel. In robot mode has blinding light-burst gun. Only tolerated by Megatron because of ability to use shovel's magnetic, ionic, electrical, gas sensors to detect presence of fuels, metals, etc.

Uses anything he hears for blackmail to advance his status. Arcee is the only female Autobot to appear on a regular basis.

Steam comes from his nasal ducts when he is enraged. Megatron has no known weakness. Resolute, fair, and courageous beyond reproach. Carries four air-to-air missiles and two automatic missile launchers in robot mode. Uses twin mortar launcher in Autobot mode, photon cannon in Decepticon mode.

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Has communications, detection, and repair equipment. Leader of the Insecticons.

Thinks they're jealous of his good looks but they feel struggle against Decepticons should be his top concern. Shoots explosives, thermal, cryogenic, acid, sonic shells. Carries concussion rifle in robot mode. Sudden, powerful accelerations can topple nearby buildings. Can be goaded into fight in which he is overmatched.

They don't talk much, but when they do, the voices are different. Carries electro-scrambler gun that disrupts electrical devices. Can do anything Earth fire trucks can in vehicular mode. Armored hide resists most missiles.

Enormous memory storage capacity. Prone to mechanical failures due to advanced technology. Sideswipe is nearly the equal of his twin brother, Sunstreaker, in the combat arts, but less cold-blooded. Revealed to be Megatron reformatted by Unicron because his body was badly damaged during his last fight with Optimus Prime at Autobot City. It is said Soundwave can hear a fly sneeze.