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You'e gonna make this next shot. He is doing all kinds of things, going from holding the basketball together with saying a message to rubbing the carpet and then finally to a stun gun. If you are a fan of Kevin Durant, then you will not want to miss this one.

Coach Amross as James Belushi. At the final game for the Eagles, Brian is nervous about playing because he no longer has the talent. Jackson goes to great lengths to try and get Kevin his talent back.

He explains that he hit Rumble before the transfer, and theorized that was what had to happen to reverse it. Later that night he goes out to a carnival and sees Connor fail to hit shots to win a prize for the new girl, Isabelle.

Thunderstruck Reviewed by Brianna Beaton See her full review on video. For the film, nero 7 ultra edition 7.10.1 see Thunderstruck film. Australian Recording Industry Association. Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana. Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks.

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He tracks him down and explains that he believes Brian stole Durant's talent. Shortly before the final game, Brian and Isabelle begin fighting about how Brian has changed. Brian hits Rumble with exactly the same ball he used to shoot the half-court shot, and then repeats the conversation that he had with Durant at their first meeting.

We fiddled about with it for a few months before everything fell into place. John Blake Publishing, Limited.

Audible Download Audio Books. Coach Amross James Belushi and his assistant coach Dan Robert Belushi are too funny and will definitely keep you laughing. What's on Joshua Jackson's Watchlist? Select singles in the Format field.

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My favorite scene is when Alan is trying to get Kevin his talent back. Things are about to switch!

Thank you man I appreciate that. National Basketball Association. Meanwhile, Durant's performance declines at practices, but insists he's only in a slump.

He arranges for Durant and Brian to practice together to try to reverse it, but all attempts fail. Brian is a year-old living in Oklahoma. Brian, who is gradually getting better at basketball, is later seen playing with Durant. At halftime, Brian is chosen to shoot a half-court shot which he misses and hits Rumble, the mascot in the process.

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Thunderstruck (song)

British Phonographic Industry. He rides his bike all the way to Chesapeake Arena and finds Durant. Trivia Kevin Durant said the hardest thing about recording this movie was missing so many shots. It is my favorite sport and I really get into the game.

Durant gets his talent back, and the Thunder qualify for the playoffs. The song has sold over a million digital copies since it became available for digital download. As the assistant coach falls away, his jacket lifts up in the back and the wireless microphone receiver is clearly visible. The next morning, Brian learns that Connor, who was at the game, recorded him missing the half-court shot and posted it online. Was this review helpful to you?

While at a basketball game, Brian gets a chance to meet the superstar and supposedly steals Kevin's talent. Select Silver in the Certification field.

Later on, he meets Kevin Durant and expresses his desire to play just like him. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jackson Doc Shaw Jim Belushi. Films directed by John Whitesell. While practicing at home, Brian's sister makes a video of him injuring himself.