The Complete Guide To Option Selling

Sounds like a money making opportunity, but I wouldn't dabble into options without an expert guiding me. The book doesn't go into too much Greek or any high mathematical calculations. If commodities futures options are somehow superior to equities options, as the authors insist, evidence of this superiority should be forthcoming in real-time returns, right? And, btw, sell covered calls is not my only gig.

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The Complete Guide to Option Selling takes you through the process step by step. One of the rare derivatives book completely devoid of the greeks. Gave me a complete new perspective of options. For most of the book they are taking about selling options on futures, buddhist pirith something I think they should point out more clearly on the front or back of the book.

The authors make the case that selling commodities futures options may be a way of diffusing much of this risk and make it something of an investment business discipline. Investing to Generate Monthly Cash Flow. Do you already have an account?


If you are new to option selling, this book might be a good introduction before getting into something more theoretical. As a seller, you just have to wait it out. Although there is some discussion of each of these elements, the details are just hazy enough not to provide profitable action.

Buy them when you must hedge, rest of the time, write. The authors go into detail about the different contracts, as well as, the different fundamentals factors that can affect different markets. McGraw-Hill authors represent the leading experts in their fields and are dedicated to improving the lives, careers, and interests of readers worldwide.

Investing today is more complicated and unpredictable than ever before. Never read the book but the real money in options is made writing them not buying them. Share your thoughts with other customers. No, create an account now. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Not new knowledge if you already consider yourself a pro. It's time to borrow a page from the pros and radically change your entire philosophy to building a solid, high-yielding portfolio. Much about this book is either misleading or vague.

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The different ways to defend your short option trades when they go against you. There's plenty to be made. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. All recent searches will be deleted.

My review of The complete guide to option selling book

Customers who bought this item also bought. Thus, it is essential to stay calm and think conservatively and earn a steady small profit from the big risks these gamblers take. The closer it is to expiration, the lower the chance of the option increasing its price to the buyer. In an age of stunted economics and uncertain interest rates, attempting to guess market direction can seem futile. Great intro to selling options.

However, they've inadvertently convinced me that even writing put options on commodities is scarily speculative. His reckless leveraged option trade busted the account. There is a better way to invest. They also try to make things as simple as possible - I am definitely favor of that.

James Cordier The Complete Guide to Option Selling Amazon for Trader

Customers who bought this item also bought

This is why a large percentage of options are closed out prior to expiration. Right, but because of that would you say that it has no place in any sized portfolio, any diversified strategy? You don't need a fancy Greek calculator to succeed in writing options. The strategy of buy-and-hold has been replaced by buy-and-hope.

James Cordier The Complete Guide to Option Selling Amazon for Trader

If you're interested in knowing more about option selling, this book is sure worth buying. It takes a larger move in the underlying futures contract for the option to be worth more money to the option buyer. No partial differential equations and no tricky calculations which tend to put off many folks. Targeted strictly towards people who want to start on option selling and don't want to put too much effort into the quant behind the scenes.

Hardcover Verified Purchase. It also briefly mentions seasonality as well. Easy to read book with almost no complex concepts. James cordier not only blew up all his managed fund capital, many of his private clients now owe money to cover the margin call.

Why is there no edge in Selling options? After all selling options is a relatively long term strategy.

Perhaps the best proof of this book's true utility are the less than stellar investment results of its authors. Now this looks like an interesting conversation for new comers ie myself TraderZone. Buyers know that the longer they hold their options, the better the chance the value of the option decays to zero.

James Cordier The Complete Guide to Option Selling

But I trAde stocks not commodities applying the principles in this book. This book has what it takes and is valuable to both novice and experienced traders.

If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. In his opinion, you want to compare open interest on put vs. Overall, I was really happy with my purchase.

Not siding with emini, serious question. Don't buy the book like me.

Open Preview See a Problem? Just a quick keywords of what I picked up from the book. Contains practical advice that can be potentially put to use profitably. However, this book does touch some broad issues of selling options in the market.