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How do you get the background color too? Only the sub-menus are gone or the whole menu? Thank you for your understanding!

You will have to create a new color style for sub-menus and add it to styles. Clothing Store Template Demo. As you can see, I have modified a lot of template parameters, but it is going in right.

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The slideshow is available in the free version of the template. If that does not bring you the color you like, probably you can replace with a new brick texture. Or is it something totally different? Leave A Reply Click here to cancel reply.

Schools templates

Having wider pictures will look much better. An image of px wide and px height would perform very good on this template.

Looks fine to me, but you can decrease the width of the slideshow more. Any help on how to do this please? Are you using superscript and subscript in headers? Creating a Menu Module and publishing this in the left sidebar as well, will render a vertical navigation menu. You will have to change the menu color in the styles.

Will I need another plugin or module to do this or does yours comes with it? Infact, it was just like you said, the problem was not due to your template. But I have some troubles with the image slider. You can also use text instead of image logo.

Check the documentation page. Travel Agency Template Demo. People Portfolio Template Demo. Now the slideshow is activate on all current pages, change that if you want.

Iv tried to add a drop down menu on the main menu but it isnt appearing? Is it possible to change the placement of the logo? You have to modify the width of following element in the styles. They are off right now Any idea what went wrong?

Fashion Blog Template Demo. If you like my work, please link back to this website. Hi Admin, looks a great template. How can I change each of them.

Social Media Template Demo. Please, see my webpage in your form to leave a reply.

Schools templates

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There are some images involved in the background, consider changing the color of images first before editing the css. Just want to capitalize on more screen real estate. Business Class Joomla Template Free. You have to set up modules, slideshow, menus, articles. But it looks nothing like the Demo.

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You know the concept so play around with it. It is the light blue menu on the right. However, is there a way to change the color of the brick wall? But if you press the menu, another page opens unfortunately. It is strange, something is wrong.

How can I write a phone number and address in the upper right corner of the template, as in your example? Hi, How can I change the font colour of the menu, only the selected page gives a legible white font? Yes, only with your template. Wedding Invitation Template Demo.

You can change the font family in styles. Is it possible that nothing happens when you press the menu in your example contact, drop down and so on. Could you point me in the direction of where your menu functions are?

Schools templates

Thank you for your beautiful templates. However, garba and dandiya songs I will try to provide support and update the templates to work with the latest Joomla version. Copyright by Refsnes Data.

To change font styles and font size, you will have to edit the styles. Everything is ok with the font size.

This is a very colorful template, but the colors are nicely blending, this give a nice and happy feeling. Something is messing up the layout. You want to place the logo in the left or right sidebar? You basically have to edit the width of the logo in the index.

Schools templates

Pizza Restaurant Template Demo. Probably the font family does not support it. If these issues are not possible, can I load a slideshow module in slideshow position I tried it but slideshow not showed. The slideshow is not active by default. The slideshow fits well to the width of the template.

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