Preschool Computer Games

Download from Google Play. Close Download our app for the best mobile experience. Planet Pinball It's pinball time! How many bugs are on the rug?

Build a city for the Fidgits that will stay safe and dry during a flood. How likely are you to recommend Education. Curious George Flower Garden Grow a flower garden! Jet's Rocketship Creator Build a rocketship and complete space quests! This website requires cookies to ensure you get the best experience.

Alphabet Beach Photoshoot. Cyberchase Space Waste Odyssey Motherboard needs your help!

Curious George High Five Paint with high fives! Investigate and solve cases! Help Cat in the Hat clean up the neighborhood, by recycling and composting items. Help Plum rid the habitats of invasive species! What is your favorite part about Education.

Find out what your family members were like when they were your age! Plum Landing Jungle Jeopardy Build your own rainforest ecosystem! Check out this non-fiction story about the environment!

Martha Speaks Martha Seeks Help the pups dig for bones! Feed and energize the Pelican and Osprey by catching as many fish as you can! Bookmark this to easily find it later. Harder Game Fidgit Build a Fidgit room, start a challenge and share it with friends! Help Jet put all the planets in the right order!

Computer games have always shown promise, but parents aren't sure where to find age-appropriate games, which websites are safe and which games are the best. Games in Videos Learn Spanish and play games while watching videos of Noah and friends! The interactive games teach letter recognition, phonetics, south african house numbers and number sequences among other skills.

Tutu's Island Sea Adventure. Create Mosaics With Shapes.

Sesame Street

Create new collection Collection name. Sorting Objects By Material. Plum Landing Mountain Scramble Build your own mountain ecosystem!

What could we do to improve Education. Choose which type of app you would like to use. Ouch Game Jungle Jeopardy Build your own rainforest ecosystem! Pinkalicious and Peterrific Pinka-Perfect Band Create an instrument then play music with Pinkalicious and her friends! Odd Squad Pienado Watch out for flying pie!

Navigate, Problem Solving, Nature. Please enter your email address and we'll send you instructions to reset your password. Plum Landing Make a Mangrove Build your own ecosystem in a mangrove! Sydney's Astro Tracker Learn about different asteroids in this fast-moving, asteroid tagging game!

Members receive Education. Learn how to visualize groups of different sizes in this game that works on early counting skills. Here's how students can access Education.

Addition, Distance, Competition, Problem Solving. Odd Squad Puppy Quest Help the puppy agents on their quest to turn back into humans! Sesame Street Ready Set Grow! Help Aviva engineer the perfect creature power suit for the Wild Kratts team! Use creature power suits to help invite all the monkeys for Grabsy's birthday!

Preschool computer games

Constellation Exploration Explore different constellations in the night sky with Mindy! Plum Landing Feed the Dingo Build your own desert ecosystem!

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Help save the park from Buzz and Delete! Martha Speaks Getting to the Game Check out this non-fiction story about transportation! Wild Kratts Creature Mobile Use different creature powers to engineer a vehicle to outrace the Zachbots! Environment, Mountains, Wildlife. Help Arthur and the gang make their bike deliveries!

But first, we have to verify your age! Use the Contact Us link at the bottom of our website for account-specific questions or issues. Plum Landing Nature Sketchpad Draw what's in nature! Arthur Being a Friend Enjoy these interactive comics with a buddy!

Preschool computer games

Dinosaur Train Rail Rally Play as all the different engines on racing day! Help stop Odd Todd's pienado. Cyberchase Rescue Ecotopia!

Preschool computer games

Filter Results clear all filters. Plant seeds and tend to a garden with Abby and Elmo!

Just grab an adult to continue. Alphabet Space Photoshoot. Summer Boost Summer Challenge. What would make you love Education.

Martha Speaks Martha Steaks Help Martha and friends jump, run, and flip to collect their favorite meat! Martha Speaks How to be an Inventor Learn about famous inventors! SciGirls Rule the Roost Which team will be on top when time runs out?

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