Poomalaye Thol Serava Song

If any mistakes occur in the article, experts please forgive me and let me know my mistakes so that I can correct them. It comes so natural for him that he once said that Bach does not sound foreign to him! An excel sheet of Counterpoints of Raja with instrument names would be something that you could think of publishing Ravi sir! Both Raja and Janaki take turns, sing with the chorus as well as overlap with completely different melodies.

You can notice that the flute and the violins do play different melodies. In your latest post on Counterpoints, there is a wrong reference to Bach's track. You should know about thetraits of the great Ilaiyaraaja in this soothing song. It has a complete western orchestration.

Ilaiyaraajavin Isai

Newer Post Older Post Home. Of course, these melody instruments can also be used to provide rhythm background by playing specifically in a different pattern. Tiruvaasakam in Symphony can be bought online at a discount Tiruvaasakam in Symphony can be bought online through Chennaionline. If you want to test the limits of Excel, that will be a good case! Also has western orchestration.

PoomAlayeThOlSerava PagalNilavu Details Tamil Carnatic Notes

Whatever i am able to compose today, i owe it to this maestro. There is one cool link which I have mentioned above. Vocal counterpoint topic has interesting information. The twist here is that these instruments are played ina clearly recognizable Carnatic style. The great second interlude of Nilavu Thoongum Neram from Kunkuma Chimizh - it is hard to believe that this is film music!

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But it turns out to be a Thamizh song if you continue listening after the prelude. This track is loaded with counter melodies all over the place. This track also has spectacular violin counterpoints and is a musically rich track. The reason which I have found out through experience is that melody is inherent to Thamizh language and no instrument is needed to augment it. Ravi, You have got a nice blog on Raja.

This also proves one more key point that I have made with Raja's folk tunes - they are Westernized and not just pure Indian folk. Others will have the symphony orchestra's backing alone! Tiruvaasakam in Symphony can be bought online through Chennaionline. It is not the question of identifying the instrument. The track uses synthesized violins and real violins.

Tuesday June 28 2005

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Ilaiyaraajavin Isai All about the Maestro. The earliest known literature describing poetry and melody in Thamizh is the Changam literature. Where Bass Guitar takes over from voice, the prominent place of providing the basic tune of the song. The track Pon Oviyam from Kazhugu has some amazing vocal counterpoint work. Some segments have all the three sources and others have two.

If you observe closely, there are three melodies going on simultaneously- violins, guitar and voices and you feel that everything has its place. Folk songs in Thamizh can also be called as Thamizhisai. What eminent music composers say A. This song has so many other spectacular musical elements, but we will stick to counterpoint for the moment.

In western music, one can find a lot of melody instruments like strings, brass, piano, guitar, etc. The second interlude of Sangeetha Megam in Udhaya Geetham is almost like a simple demo of counterpoint on violins. They will also be available in retail in most of the common music outlets that deal with Tamil music throughout the world, after the launch.

This is a masterpiece of sorts on counterpoints. There are at least tracks of Raja where you can see the use of this technique counterpoint with violins and none of them are the same!

Raja the genius Counterpoint with voices

When you listen to prelude alone, you will brand it as a progressive rock song. Is one simple yet a classic example of a song featuring instruments only for rhythm and you guessed it right, the melody is in the vocals itself. This song also qualifies for the first category on voices as the chorus does a counterpoint on the violins which also is playing against another melody on guitar. Nobody, anywhere in the world, omer inayat mp3 has done anything like this before.

Tuesday June 28 2005

No wonder people expect a lot from me too. So the deal here is the Bass Guitar part. Another very worthy mention is the prelude of Nilavondru Kandaen from Kai Rasikaren and its interludes a masterpiece of sorts by Raja. For the rest I played chords.

The lyrics are folk, but focus on the orchestration. In addition to that, complex rhythm patterns in Thamizh Folk Music played on western rhythm instruments give a new perspective.

Perhaps, Raja repeated his vocal experiment again in Poo Maalaye in Pagal Nilavu and got noticed at that time. Also occurrence of a lot of rhythm instruments means evolution of a variety of complex rhythm patterns too! What eminent people has to say about the Maestro There is one cool link which I have mentioned above. If I am religious today, the credit goes to Ilaiyaraaja. More to come with more in-depth research.

Ilaiyaraajavin Isai

In the clip below, there are several vocal counterpoints between Raja, Janaki and the choir. You can observe that Raja and Janaki sing two different melodies at the same time. Western music also incorporates melody by way of harmonising various voices. Song featuring kaleidoscopic rhythm patterns inherent to Thamizhisai played on western instruments. The violin counterpoints with the background violins in this track are mind boggling.