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Chantavit Dhanasevi, Nuengthida Sophon. What are you doing at his age? He must find the way to release his life to the beyond of everything.

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It's up to Mak to choose love or reality. The drunk villager who had also tried to warn them earlier also turned up mysteriously drowned. Later, Mak and Nak go out on a date in the town, visiting an amusement park. Mak's four friends then discuss what they had heard, but dismiss the rumors as ridiculous.

Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Nak, in a combination of sadness, anger, and desperation, then threatens to kill Mak and take him to live with her, but stops when she sees how much she had been scaring her husband. It follows the story of two lonely teachers, a male and a female. This was a really cute, somewhat romantic, comedy horror. Once the war was over, Mak invited his four friends into his home in Phra Khanong town and introduced them to his beautiful wife Nak and his newborn baby boy Dang.

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Pee mak thai movie

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This article needs additional citations for verification. The story was solid and that is a big thing for me. Edit Storyline Mak served in the war during the beginning of the Rattanakosin Dynasty. The friends then flee from their wounded friend and rescue Nak.

The following day, the men visit the village market but are shunned by the fearful community. In the credit scenes, Mak, his wife and now his four friends live happily in the village. Aey is immediately pronounced a ghost and kicked off the boat. The four friends felt it's time to tell Mak the possibility of Nak and Dang could be dead and lingered as haunting ghosts and risk their lives.

The two tearfully reconcile. Suddenly, during the getaway, Mak's old wartime wound reopens. His friends, seeing them reuniting, also tearfully reaffirm their friendship, and vow to never leave each other again.

At war he became friends with Ter, Puak, Shin, and Aey, whose lives he saved. User Polls Scariest Horror Film? He had already looked at Nak between his legs, which revealed her ghostly form, and found her decomposed corpse.

Pee mak thai movie

My biggest complaints were that I had to read the subtitles, which diverts my eyes from the screen, and I had a hard time getting past their teeth. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hope others will give it a chance.

Pee mak thai movie

As it is now too dark to continue traveling, Mak's friends decide to stay. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Learn more More Like This. While his life is getting worse every second. The five soon arrive at Mak and Nak's house during the night, and Mak introduces Nak to them. They had fun together but when they both fell in love, everything changed. Was this review helpful to you?

In the following confusion, Aey drops a ring identical to the one Mak, Nak, and the body behind the house had been wearing. He was wounded during a battle and sent to a medical camp, where he met fellow soldiers Ter, Puak, Shin and Aey, who later became his best friends after he had saved them from certain death. Worse, Mak dismisses all of their warnings, proclaims that they are no longer his friends, and kicks them out of their accommodations. Shortly after, rumors started circulating the village that Nak had died in labor and was now a ghost of a very powerful form haunting the house. The following day, Ter discovers a decomposed corpse behind the house wearing exactly the same ring as Nak.

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An urban love story set in the center of Bangkok where thirty-year-old Mei Li struggling to find true love. However, even then, he is far more afraid of living without her than of her being dead. Mak served in the war during the beginning of the Rattanakosin Dynasty. Mak then revealed he knew the truth about Nak all along, having had his suspicions raised during the game of charades.

At present, this is Thailand's highest grossing-film of all time. Articles needing additional references from July All articles needing additional references Articles containing Thai-language text Articles with Thai-language external links. Having said what I did about the subtitles, never miss a beat let me add that this is the type of movie that makes watching foreign films worth the effort.

Audible Download Audio Books. Soon, all four friends are convinced that she is a ghost.

Pee mak thai movie

When Mak and his friends arrive back in Phra Khanong in the evening, they find the town completely silent. The villagers in the neighborhood then heard her singing lullabies to her baby, terrifying them and forcing them to cower in fear.