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Plus, each issue features your favorite professional bodybuilders, athletes, and other popular fitness freaks to keep you motivated. Here's a look at the new supplements that are gaining momentum among fitness professionals worldwide.

From information about eating enough protein to ensure that you are gaining muscle mass to cutting out all the unnecessary fat in your diet, you will love all the information in your subscription. Pick your favorites, or follow our one-week muscle-building plan, durga vandana mp3 and make your calories work harder for you. Supplements can give you that extra edge to burn fat and gain lean muscle faster.

Xcentric Training Last Set Trainees often do three or four sets of an exercise. Available for download now.

This has actual effective workouts. Healthy holidays are happy holidays! To receive special offers, exclusive promotions and discounts at magazine. Lets Build Those Shoulders This unorthodox shoulder program will wake up your delts to become bigger, stronger, and healthier than ever. Very informative and I like that it keeps you updated on the latest sports supplements!

Automatic delivery of every issue directly to your computer as soon as it is published. There is also information about the best supplements for you to use in regard to your goals. Carb Consumption Just when you think you have carbs all figured out, more information comes to light. Just starting to exercise?

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Each issue is customized and has interactive features like video, Twitter and Facebook links, the ability to like, link, and share articles and more. The Predator What happens when you combine flawless football genetics with a walk-on's relentless work ethic? Others may already be in your fridge. No automatic renewals, great for magazine gift subscriptions. Just use the same name and address and the publisher will add the new issues to your old subscription.

There are also sweepstakes and giveaways in every publication. Turn up the heat with this hardcore workout for hardcore action. Use these buttons to take our suggestion MagazineLine. You will receive all the benefits of our automatic renewal program.

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Generally, weekly magazines will be delivered the quickest while bi-monthlies can be very slow. Magazines are a great year round gift. Subscription Options Details. You've probably never heard of some of them.

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Expert advice to your questions about training, nutrition, recovery, and living the fitness lifestyle. Haven't had a good magazine like this in a long time.

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Trainees often do three or four sets of an exercise. Getting a ripped, beach-ready body is only one month away when you follow this training program.

Years ago, one of the biggest supplement scams was a ready-to-drink creatine serum. Renew Subscription New Subscriptions Only. Ready-To-Drink Supplement Conundrum Years ago, one of the biggest supplement scams was a ready-to-drink creatine serum.