In the last few weeks there has been a huge increase in the update releases. This allows say a logging program to get the last contact information from MixW and autopopulate your logbook.

Swapping the RigExpert between computers is a snap. Simply followed the instructions and had no problems. You move the mouse wheel and the rig moves up or down in frequency. The audio level adjustments are much less critical and easier to set. While this has been started for a long time!

Tips & Tricks for MixW2

Distributor sent me a new one with a new set of cables but that one didn't work. MixW is the De Facto Standard for multi mode software in ham radio. At first he said that was an old posting then said it was not on his website. Those fields auto update from the fields of MixW. Send me an email shown at the bottom of this page describing the problem or issue that you're having as clearly and in as much detail as possible.

MixW - multimode software for radio amateurs

Setting up the ports is easy enough if you read the directions. MixW will change Macros based on the mode you are on. MixW does what it says, and does it quite well. He replied that I had to pay for the upgrade. Maybe I have it configured wrong.

Note that the correct name is mixcallbook. First, what documentation? Fldigi and Ham Radio Deluxe make Mixw seem like a toy by comparison, are are both free.

MixW does the basic logging functions, however it does integrate some other functions into that process. On top you need to be connected to the internet which offers no advantage for the user. No additional interface boxes needed to connect the device to a transceiver. Download and unzip the archive using the link above. MixW supports a number of Macros.

At some point I will write one. And I can just hear some of the telephone calls and email he must receive daily. Next time I hope Jim wakes up on the right side of the bed. My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help.

MixW works too, as does Ham Radio Deluxe. Previous versions of MixW always loaded an ActiveX control for other program to communicate through. Outstanding support, best I've seen.

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Perhaps it is time for me to explore other products. What did I do wrong, or is there another download for SpotCollector? Mixw was once a great program.

Friends, you are not entitled to everything for free. The software will install two virtual serial ports on your computer. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It still is supported with that version of MixW. In all three cases the unit has performed flawlessly.

Jim Reisert AD1C

In summary, simple, cut and dry, and delivers. Please note that the quotation marks are part of the syntax. You must tune the radio and then wait for the next packet to see how the waterfall now aligns. Those sayings really steer my purchases.

Finally I took a look at the plug and dope-slapped myself. Well I surely made a big mistake.

Great log, great radio interface, very sensitive decoder just what I have came to expect from these guys. See you on the air, Michael. MixW has all the standard features for rig control, so it should work with your rig. After all, you spend thousands on a rig and computer.

MixW2 DXLabs Gateway

If you love it, if you hate it, or if you have an idea about how it could be better, I need to here from you. If the operator gives you a different Grid right click on the line in the logbook and select Edit.

If actual serial ports are used, a null modem cable is used to connect them one port could even be on another computer. It works for everything I need. Did you name the file correctly? Hello, a very usefull software.

Online Callbook DLL For MixW

There were no problems at all with setup, and it worked perfectly the first time. They have become nearly totally internet dependent, and still are slow to integrate and revise their product. Callbook lookups work for some items but not for all, or callbook lookups are returning weird, strange, online music sites music or incorrect data?

It would be very very helpful. MixW supports a huge number of contests, see the contest download page at the MixW site for a list. If you do not it will not connect. Make sure MixW is not running.

You were never supposed to see those. Do not download or use any software from this web site unless you fully agree to these terms and conditions. The RigExpert is without a doubt one of the best investments I've made for my station. If you want to touch your rig, or move the mouse you can, but if you have used mouse wheel control, you will never want anything else again. Back in I thought MixW was the best software around.

Looping this process a few hundred times will get you a pretty nice score in any contest. Not much of an improvement. Suffice to say, there more than most users will even bother to learn. Other software packages allow this as well.