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And its large format multi-touch displays ensure exciting, entertaining and educating interactive experiences. The quiz was hosted by illustrious quiz master Giri Pickbrain.

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It makes it extremely easy to share dashboards, highlight and add insights on any data point and do collaborative exploration of data. To deepen the focus on experiential learning, they have sponsored prize winning trips for students and teachers to Switzerland and Spain Grand Finale and Semi-Finals, respectively.

Versions for other Emerging Markets are near completion. With Zero code and a highly intuitive user interface, the sync process is seamless for our users. Lowest cost of ownership, highest level of security and scalability. Due to this capability, it has been deployed across industry verticals to perform analytics on datasets that are too large or versatile for traditional datawarehouses. Stores also use analytics based on shopping behavior for retail strategy.

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Use of native language is a natural extension for human beings. All data pulled by the platform is reviewed by a team of human analysts to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Fairfax is engaged in long term investments from its own resources, how to play hard to get online dating with a focus to delivering long term capital appreciation through a flexible and value oriented approach. Our Facilities Management Solutions Platform a-mantra helps companies with large infrastructure manage it with ease and reduce capital expenditure. All of these solutions leverage the underlying Cerebra platform.

Today, there is a trend shift from subjects like Maths-Science to History and Geography that helps students extend their outlook and explore the world. All of this information can be analyzed through high impact charts and analytics. Heckyl big data engine mines Public, Private and Proprietary data sources to help you analyze, connect and discover the next big opportunity.

It delivers scalable and robust assessment platform on demand to businesses which can quickly deploy large number of visual and objective assessments in real time. This is a game-changer for any business, since it can result in annual value of Rs. Subsequently, you will be asked to visit their office during which skills are assessed through interview as well as proficiency tests. By means of password management it also helps in reducing help-desk calls related to password resets.

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For on-boarding fresh application, intelligent do-it-yourself wizards could be leveraged without writing a single line of code. Ezetap has relationships with many leading banks including are with Citibank, American Express, Equity Bank. We know it better than anyone.

Purchase cycle analytics and user-level targeting of mobile campaigns to drive Product Trials and Consumer Loyalty. Its simple, intuitive menu requires no training or expertise.

The analytics application provides instant and comparative scorecards, brand metrics, real-time alerts, trends, etc. Qubole was started by Ashish Thusoo and Joydeep Sen Sarma who started the Apache Hive project at Facebook and built and run much of their data infrastructure stack. For further details on Quess Corp Ltd.

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Equipped with a modern interface, it makes it engaging for users within an organization to make data-driven decisions and discuss problems collaboratively - anytime, anywhere including wearables. The platform provides an integrated set of tools and apps.

It gives access to data on competitors, customers, prospects, conversations, sentiments, share-of-voice, brand message alignment, web coverage, outreach potential, and lost engagement opportunity. Mobiles have introduced a new threat vector of inside-to-inside attacks.

The temp phenomenon has caught-on because corporates do not want to directly employ persons for non-core functions. How do you go about in taking up a temp staff job? ZapStitch is a Cloud Data Integration Platform that connects and syncs data seamlessly between two or more cloud apps. Heckyl transforms unstructured data into actionable insights, identifying the most relevant information in real time, and delivering it to the user. By taking on temps, companies can flexibly manage manpower during business downturns and upswings.

Fairbridge is responsible for the execution of acquisition and investment opportunities in the Indian subcontinent on behalf of the Fairfax family of companies. Business teams in these companies want these apps to talk to each other and let the data of one app be available in the other app.

Reference available on request. Attribution tracking and analysis across Traditional Media to better plan media spend.

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Single code for all platforms that allows real time updates. Its robustness and scalability make it a platform of choice to build enterprise applications. Also, companies do not want to hurt their corporate image by taking on regular employees when business is booming and laying them off during times of recession. To achieve this vision, the company pioneered Vacation Ownership in India and set about building a network of leisure resorts at some of the best holiday destinations in India. Our platform enables monitoring, collaboration, and reporting from a single dashboard.