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  • In the early s, the words ambiophony and ambiophonic were synonymous with the words quadraphonic and four channel stereo.
  • Finally he chipped away and a new level of excellence emerged.
  • It is more than a marketing term.
  • It has new levels of transparency, openness, an unfettered sense of big power, seriously excellent bass power and timbre.

Simple Surround Sound Decoder

Surround effect varied a lot, depending on the source. This is normally used to delay the sound supplied to the rear speakers, and effectively makes the sound stage larger by making the rear speakers sound further away. Additional power supply bypass caps linearize the highest frequency performance of the power supply.

Technics by National Panasonic had a similar matrix decoder with two controls. Anyone please reply as you may- Scott. Another volume control would just become another component to fiddle with, and since it would be rarely used, would probably become noisy over time, just from sitting in the one position permanently. We use high-performance low capacitance video transistors.

Hafler hookup
Hafler hookup

David Hafler

But around the words ambiophony and ambiophonic were used to describe simulated four channel stereo of the Hafler type. In Hafler founded Dynaco with Ed Laurent. Around this time Hafler and Keroes popularized the ultra-linear output-stage for audio amplifiers. Next I did the Hafler hookup across the left and right channel speaker output positives of the Marantz unit. These kits includes additional installation parts including hookup wire, solder, capacitors, etc.

Hafler hookup

Hafler s passive pseudo-quadraphonic speaker hookup using a stereo amp

This amp is actually a reciever, a Marantz b, which has a common speaker ground. Although Ohm telephony transformers are reasonably readily available, some of them are pretty ordinary. The circuit shown is not a bad compromise, indonesian dating online although the impedances are too low for anything other than a solid state preamp preferably using opamps.

We use the exotic very natural sounding capacitors. No, this is a great amplifier in a Hafler chassis. Today, free online the Hafler company primarily makes products for the professional sound market.

In the early and mids, for example, Ferguson made two channel receivers with a built-in Hafler circuit. Thus, if rear speakers are fed with the difference between the stereo channels, audience noises and reverberation from the auditorium may be heard from behind the listener. With this setup the rear speakers could be smaller, cheaper and have a smaller frequency range than the front speakers. Loading the transformer will give back some of the bass, but the preamp is unlikely to be very happy with the resulting impedance. There is a sense of gut solidity, simple majesty and air-moving power that must be heard.

Centre channel speech for example will be mono, so the level will be equal to that of each of the main speakers. Consider these helpful improvements. Delay Line One thing that is missing from this simple circuit is a delay line.

Hafler circuit

This includes gate resistors so please tell us your installation target amp. If you have good main speakers and have a stable and well defined soundstage, a centre speaker is likely to do more harm than good. Having said this, straight hiv dating sites I have used telecommunications transformers for this application ohms and they seem to work fine. Ambiophonic could also mean the so-called concert hall sound in opposite to a surround sound with instruments all around the listener. The word fidelity is a really big word.

Hafler circuit

Many receivers from middle price brands had such circuits, but often without a volume control for the rear channels. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Philips had a similar circuit in their two channel receivers.

David Hafler

It is recommended for all new dual-mono conversions. This passive method worked fairly well compared to the matrix decoders of the period, generic profile for dating which attempted to reconstruct a surround sound field from a two channel recording. Radial is re-launching the Hafler brand of high-fidelity audio products. Scott - My understanding is that this will only work on an amp with a common ground. The planning and hopes for any mod result will depend to some degree on the underlying health of the original amp.

One thing that is missing from this simple circuit is a delay line. Naturally, a mono amp will do just fine, as long as it is capable of driving the two rear speakers in parallel but out of phase with each other. It may be possible to use the preamp's power supply if it's accessible.

The level control will allow you to set the level to just sufficient to provide a stable sound image, and no more. Certain music could sound quite nice too, though sometimes there would be random instruments and vocals sometimes the lead vocal! Then along comes bass detail and overall clarity that makes you reconsider.

The concert hall sound means the listener hears all the instruments from the front, whereas the rear channels are mainly used to give the listener the acoustic effect of sitting in a concert hall. Both are still highly prized today. Because you are hearing so much more of the true tonal structure and timbral clarity of each instrument. The could not used for the surround speakers because it does not have a common speaker ground. My impression is that it works well in recordings with a natural acoustic.

  1. Since the centre channel amp and speakers are rarely as powerful as the main Left and Right channels, there is a distinct possibility of overload of the amp, the speaker or both.
  2. Construction The unit can be housed in any suitable metal case it does not need to be displayed, and can hide up the back of the cabinet.
  3. My tests were on a really good one, built by an Australian company called Transcap.
Hafler hookup
Hafler hookup
Hafler hookup

This is the type of quad setup used by Seeburg jukeboxes that had quadraphonic sound. The result is a remarkable improvement in perceived wider dynamics, greater naturalness, warmth and transparency! You can use a separate amp but the added surround speakers add almost no load.

This power supply operates with totally dual-mono performance. Just imagine what this incomparable product might sell for if it had some fancy over-hyped manufacturers name on the front panel. Depending on your original amp there are some differences in the power supplies.

Hafler hookup

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