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Great app with a wide selection of Bibles to choose from. In the app you can select different reading plans and they go for different durations. YouVersion is Global Available in more than languages worldwide. This app lets you search the entire bible and it pulls in topics related to your search, as well as, direct scripture quotes that are relevant to your search criteria.

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Some translations may not display correctly on all phones due to missing code pages or individual codes. You'll also be able to search this version while offline as well! Are the in app purchases worth it? Just don't know what's up.

You can sort by alphabetical or length. This enables further translations and language versions to be generated by users. Not in this great app, it has smart search. It has allowed me to be much more focused. Archived copy as title Interlanguage link template link number.

If possible please update. Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to easily share Bible verses. Smart Search is great for things like this.

It also gives me another way to come closer to God. The subscription also provides you with inspirational articles each week.

Additional information Published by LifeChurch. Smart Search made this bible app stand out amongst the numerous apps available. Go Bible is installed like any other midlet by copying the.

This feature feels very similar to writing notes and making highlights on my paper Bible. Also like the audio versions.

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The news page on the Go Bible website provides some more details. My pastor knows what I am doing and he is okay with it.

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Searching the terms born again, brings up not just the phrase born again, but the topics as well. You can connect with others and ultimately learn about God and his Word.

Great app and easy to use. Usually with bible apps you have to figure out what to search for before you search. Java Platform, Micro Edition.

Download the free app and access your bookmarks, notes, and reading plans from anywhere. Report this app to Microsoft.

Publisher Info Bible website Bible support. It seems silly to think that it would be anywhere else, but we thought it was great that the readings kept you in the bible app, red fm mp3 songs and took you to the chapter and verse. Another user has started a Go Bible Box.

This application helps me also to stay consistent in reading because it has reminders for the plans. These lists are likely to grow as more people become involved in using the developer application. Go Bible Creator is supported by the open source Bible editing application called Bibledit. Free and open-source software portal Christianity portal. This is a great tool for studying from multiple translations.

Now working the Spanish version. Well I got to be that person, for once. On my Samsung Android work great and I like it. You know the time where everyone is counting on that one loud person to not make a mistake in the mass responses.

Again it is very easy to use. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated.