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Their songs have been featured in the opening sequences of several anime and Japanese drama series. The Stealing Flow Suite includes two versions of the core Stealing Flow track, one of which contains a series of affirmations subtly layered throughout the stereo field. For full list of affirmations see manual. He is committed to the art of deep practice in every area of life.


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Flow River Flow - Songs

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Keeping the above in mind, here a few sample suggestions that may help you begin your exploration. Really enhances their effects. Allow the ambient music soundtrack to immerse you into an experience of relaxed alertness. They increased my output and helped me achieve more effortlessly.

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The Seven Deadly Sins ending theme. Insights come like lightning bolts. Before starting the track, establish a clear intention for your creative work. See yourself sitting at your desk, standing at your canvas, working at your computer, or performing any task with skill and fluency.

It is safe for you to be vulnerable. The blending of alpha, delta, gamma and then back to alpha seemed to really give me the jump start I needed in the morning. These tracks all do what they state they do.

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Start the primary Stealing Flow track and begin your process of creation. Warm-Up and Breakthrough really prepared me for what I might end up walking in to.


The Warm-up track alone is, as they say, worth the price of the ticket. Or maybe time slowed down, and every second of your experience came alive in rich and vivid detail?

Stealing Flow uses a comprehensive entrainment matrix, which includes isochronic and monaural beats, enabling the tracks to work when played through speakers. Entrainment Technologies Stealing Flow combines multiple entrainment modalities which work together to enhance its effectiveness. The result is a tonally smooth and highly effective synergy of non-standard entrainment modalities. They don't know about iAwake and Stealing Flow - yet. These moments of flow allowed me to create better work, faster.

Repeat steps three and four. You know what to do, and you trust your actions. Tower Records Japan in Japanese.

Flow River Flow - Songs

At this level, the affirmations can be perceived by the subconscious mind, where they will be the most helpful, but effectively bypass any conscious resistance to the ideas. So stand up and stretch your legs. You are a valuable and important part of the world.

Stretch your legs, drink some water, gather your supplies. Below is a sampling of the affirmations in Stealing Flow I, which have been recorded in first, second, and third person tenses.

Perhaps the most interesting track of the series is Warm-up. Flow is deep in the present moment. You are comfortable and relaxed.

My philosophy, as always, is one of open-minded experimentation. Grit and dedication are rewarding.

And they have been some of the most rewarding experiences of my career. You can also work with any other meditation practice you choose, such as following the breath, using a mantra, circulating chi, focusing on the heart center, and many more.

Characterized by selflessness, timelessness, effortlessness, and richness, the flow state helps us perform at our best, live our happiest and most fulfilled lives, and bring our gifts to the world. The sounds were run through a slow decay reverb, online mobile movies no tuned to the proper room size that allows the reflection series to reach the ears at the rate of flow-state brainwaves.

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The characters of my stories took on a life of their own, acting entirely of their own accord, often in ways that surprised me. But I believe that it fully aligns with our larger mission of helping people to discover their best selves and bring their gifts and talents into the world. Relaxing into flow is easy and natural. It is easy and safe for you to express your feelings and ideas. Experience altered states of consciousness Deepen compassion for myself and others.