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Boy, based on the arcade game of the same name, features six rounds of hard-hitting, hard-skating, horizontally scrolling, one player action. Rollergame involves strapping on a pair of roller skates, football play designer software in this case the skates of D.

Battle your way through streets and buy continues in this all out street fight! The number of enemies onscreen can get overwhelming at points, so crowd control is key.

During each round you'll earn coins and points by beating the different gang members. New to the home port are life bars for both you and your enemies.

Add this game to your web page! The Big Mama stereotype now has pink skin, and throws cream pies instead of passing wind, and the ninja final boss version now has lightened skin. The only power-ups available during the rounds are a few burgers for extra energy. Defeated enemies now leave coins, which can be used to buy items in between levels to increase your health, acquire extra lives, and improve your speed or power.

Pressing punch and kick at the same time releases a spinning sweep to opponents both sides of you, and is essential when fighting some of the smaller enemies who can be below waist height. At one point you fight a hair metal band while the drummer flings cymbals in your direction. Confirm Something went wrong, please try again. The music is upbeat and funky, but disappointingly not in keeping with the hip-hop theme.

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All the skating takes place in Cigaretch. Skate down the different city streets, along Casino Row, on top of a building under construction, and even through the sewer. The story was changed to the player, now named Donald J. Browse games Game Portals. Zombies Ate My Neighbors Zombies have invaded your neighborhood and are trying to eat your neighbors.

Now he's ready to take on the Dark Knights, reigning champs and bad creeps of the Rollergame scene. Can you fight your way through his goons, catch up with him, and save the day?

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By continuing on our website you consent to it. Use the jump-kick to beat Round B's martial arts mama.

For the subsequent home release in North America and abroad, multiple changes were made. You can no longer do the roundhouse sweep, instead punching to both sides, which is more unwieldy. Review score Publication Score MegaTech. For example, Honey looks sweet, but she'll toss deadly bombs in your direction. Play Now Download the full version.

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Besides the ability to skate in all directions you can also punch, kick, jump-kick, and kneel and punch in two directions at once. Recently unveiled as a new arcade game by American Sammy, this new Sega Bitter combines elements from many different proven play themes that range from racing games to Double Dragon. Welcome to Cigaretch City! For example, Big Mama now has neon pink skin and, instead of farting, threw doughnut-like pastries at the player.

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DJ Boy (set 1) ROM Download for MAME

Piles of coins try to knock you down during the casino stage and enemies hide in barrels during the Wild West level, throwing even more dynamite at you. If you beat the round boss you get to take your stash of cash to the store to stock up on power-ups.

The clown robots have been promoted to bosses, and the Chippendale boss now just drops from the sky, with the construction level featuring a palette-swapped Bob as guardian. Take the money you get for beating your opponents and buy better equipment at the item shop.

Another great coin-op conversion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You'll have to look sharp to maneuver through each round.

The Western versions change a few things. Each member of this motley crew packs an unusual punch and a different move. This would not be the last time Kaneko courted controversy, as the later Gal Panic series tasked you with stripping women of their clothes. Conquer the girl of your dreams by scratching under her house, but dodge the objects that her father throws.