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When done, the drive name should appear in a Windows message and in Device Manager. If the drive is not recognized, continue to the next step. This setting should match the type of display that the computer is using. Reset the computer power Under certain writing conditions the drive might lose communication with Windows - even after restarting Windows. If Windows recognizes the drive, you are finished.

Step 2 Reset the computer power

Compaq presario dvd drive

Click the Play button to begin the video playback. Reinstall disc recording software Upgrading the operating system or installing certain types of software can cause other recording software to lose their connection to the drive.

Whenever a User Account Control window opens, click Continue. The disc drive should now be recognized by Windows. Selects the default language for the movie's audio track. Selects the default subtitle language, when available. If problems occur after using these steps, browse to the file and double-click it to restore the registry.

Confirm the deletion by clicking Yes. Select New and Multi-String Value. Selecting this option will enable a larger font size in subtitles displayed during playback. Moves playback to the next chapter. Use the Left and Right Arrow keys to select Main.

Those familiar with editing the Windows registry can save time by adding a LowerFilters value to the Windows Registry instead of reinstalling the software. Europe, Middle East, Africa. You might have to click the Play button.

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Display the current chapter and total number of chapters. Do not use Extended mode extend screen space to two different displays or rotate the display. In the Playlist dialog, navigate to the video clip you want to play.

Requirements to play high-definition DVDs

Make sure you have selected this exact key name. Reinsert the power and data cables into the back of the drive making sure the cables fit snugly into their connectors and making sure there are no bent pins. Click Start and then click All Programs. See Set Up for more information. Click the Play control to stop rewind.

Displays the current volume level. Selecting On may cause the monitor to flicker once. If you are presented with a page to enter your model number, enter your model number. Close the registry editor and restart the computer.

Selects the number of speakers and the device for playback. If a LowerFilters value is listed on the right side of the registry editor window, click the LowerFilters value and press the Delete key. Displays time elapsed on an item that is playing. Once you have installed the updates or if no updates were available, continue to the next step. In the Display Properties window, select Settings tab.

Compaq presario dvd drive

Right-click on an empty area of the Windows desktop, water fish wallpaper and then click Personalize. The changes take effect once playback of the movie is restarted.

The drive should work correctly once it has been enabled. To reset the drive, fully turn off the computer by selecting Start and then Shut down from the power menu. Displays the current playback progress.

Title Default uses the original language of the disc you are watching. Select Yes to download and install available updates requires an Internet connection. The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable. You may have to change your computer main display mode setting.

Be very careful to not dislodge other cables. Determines how movies and videos are converted to fit the screen when they do not match the screen ratio. You may have to restart the computer to complete the enabling process. Selects the media source for playback. Device installed successfully message.

If the drive is still missing after resetting power, continue to the next step. For more information, you can read the Microsoft support article Optical drives do not work as expected after you upgrade a computer to Windows Vista in English. Determines the location of the closed captioning function.

The edges of metal panels can cut skin. The smaller view will not output audio.

HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - CD/DVD Drive Is Not Detected (Windows Vista)

Moves playback to the beginning of the previous chapter. If you have added a new drive, use the disc burning software that came with the drive or use the native burning capabilities of Vista.

Click the Play control to stop fast-forward. Double-click a video clip to add it into the playlist. Open Roxio Creator and verify that a drive name appears as the destination selection. Selects the audio method to use for your computer. Also, you must use a digital connection to your display.

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