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Think of web fonts as a nice-to-have in your email campaigns. Most licenses for use of web fonts in email are based on the number of monthly opens.


Early materials for the Obama campaign used the serif Perpetua. At worst, it is a tacit Obama endorsement. His sans serif is possibly the most beautiful font ever cut, truly ground-breaking and understated.

Get started with Campaign Monitor today. His campaign materials are always set in the modern, beautiful, dj triune mature sans serif Futura.

Different email clients will render a web font very differently from one another. The end result is masterful.

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Which are available for free. It has the sense of trustworthiness because you've seen it everywhere. Creating a beautiful email with modern web fonts is easier than ever before and with some simple testing and good fallback fonts, your email can look great in every email client. These days, people are increasingly attentive to, and opinionated about, typography. You can change this font to one of the above web safe fonts.

IntroductionThe Best and Worst Fonts on the Campaign Trail Ranked

See the below table for the appropriate footer code. As for Obama, I think the new look was a good choice.

And finally, saving by far the best for last, Bernie Sanders. They exist on almost all devices. Very upright, conservative, sturdy. They look clean and render on virtually any device.

Change Email Campaign Font

These are all considered web safe fonts that can be used for live text in email. The fact is, Gotham worked out well for Obama. See what I said about projecting our own ideas onto type? International Herald Tribune. There are three approaches, all with slightly different levels of support in different email clients.

Read on to learn how easy it is to use web fonts in your email campaigns using Campaign Monitor. Because web safe fonts, in many cases, are classic. This is because the use of web fonts in email is often seen as redistributing the font.

Looking for typography consultation, direction or customization? The font, Trajan, evokes tradition, while the bright blue background with a subtle glow infuses just enough freshness without being too edgy heaven forbid!

The font in which you email campaign invite messages display depends on the recipient's email client. Thank you for taking a look at our documentation and for your feedback! You can substitute Arial for any other web safe font you would like to use. It would play perfectly in the general election.

After Obama won the presidency, Gotham and similar typefaces found their way into various federal government projects, most notably the identity of the United States Census. On the other hand, newsworthy sites will want to stick to traditional, formal fonts. So instead of seeing your slick Roboto font, Gmail users would see Arial.

Ultimately, issues should come before image. Freight Sans is both clean and familiar, while being totally unique.

Gotham (typeface)

You need to give choosing the right fallback font some thought. Ted Cruz is honestly all over the map with his typography. In most cases, the fallback fonts will be Helvetica, Arial, or a generic sans serif font, given they are the default fonts of the most popular email clients as we mentioned above.

It also reveals you at no point in time hired anyone who ever gave a shit. As such the html for the font should be placed directly into the footer field.

As with many things email, web fonts come with their own particularly annoying problem. Obama without the idealism. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. We partnered with Jaina Mistry to bring you heaps of web font know-how in this guide so you can use web fonts in your email campaigns like a pro.