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Is your fear of interracial dating holding you back? With news of Janet Jackson finding love, marriage and family with a Middle Eastern man, curiosity of such matches have increased.

When hearing about my trip to Jordan, Possibly well-intentioned friends and family attempted to discourage me from going. Rayan Mufti, legal adviser and lawyer, said the Ministry of Interior had made regulations to cover the marriage of a Saudi to a non-Saudi woman and vice versa. While scrolling through endless wedding pictures of Harry and his Korean love, I was once again reminded of my non-existent love life. When Myspace lost its allure from the fickle millennial attention span, Harry made one final appearance on my Facebook timeline. The penalties would be imposed on those who marry a foreign woman without documentation in any Saudi embassy or civil status courts if the marriage takes place in the Kingdom.

Ibrahim Mubarak Al-Juwair, professor of social sciences, said compatibility between couples increases the chances of success of marriage. Help us meet our goals for Swirling Around the World!

In my youthful folly, I foolishly chose to pine for my black prince. The number of Saudis marrying American women was seven while British women came last. Some men are tempted to marry foreign women, but after a while, differences surface and the marriage is terminated. The Ministry of Justice is studying the imposition of penalties on Saudi violators who marry non-Saudi women without following the proper procedures. Dating, courtship and love I soon learned, could be a painfully messy, askmen dating doclove heart wrenching affair.

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Lies, told by the media, former love interests, abusive family member had left fresh scars that refused to heal. For years I waited for Harry to notice me in the sea of blondes and brunettes he dated.

Had I not stepped out of my comfort zone I would have allowed the fears of others, to shape my narrative. Love was out there waiting for me and I would go to the ends of the earth to find it. In a span of ten years, I had experienced several personal setbacks that left me severely depressed. From then on, I chose to never allow the crippling fears, insecurities and prejudices of others to ravage my flickering spark of hope. Jay made it clear that he was not.

The incredibly kind and attractive man sitting across from me one month later, was nothing like the prejudiced biased portrayals of Arab men, I saw in American media. There is no set punishment for a person who marries a foreign woman without documenting the marriage at a Saudi embassy or, if inside the Kingdom, through the civil status courts.

To say I was immediately smitten was quite the understatement. He pointed out that marrying a woman from another nationality needs skill and sacrifice to make a successful marriage.

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Scholarship students who marry outside the Kingdom often fail to document their marriages for fear of losing their scholarships. He said that one penalty for a Saudi man marrying a non-Saudi included disciplinary action by the Board of Grievances and not being allowed to bring his spouse into the Kingdom. Single, was now replaced with married.

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