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Some of the names that came up included Armaan and Ajaz. Hence, Sana was made captain. The day comes to an end with a special Diwali Mela that had a beautiful ambience with colourful lanterns and much more making it a memorable Diwali experience! Salman's weekend surprise. Be the first to suggest what people may like!

Sree-Dipika's final performance. Tara Sutaria or Taimur Ali Khan - this throwback picture is making us do a double take. Sree talks to Dipika's husband.

Bigg Boss Season 7 Episode - Day 78 - Full 2 December 2013

When families appeal for vote. Srishty's most unhappy moment!

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This season Bigg Boss is open to you and your plus one! Bigg Boss revealed that this year some evicted housemates and new entries will move to the village house where they will live for an undisclosed amount of time. Bigg Boss revealed that the voting lines have remained open only for a day and another housemate will be evicted on Friday. Bigg Boss Episodes Guide and Summaries. With receiving no save votes Rajev, Sana, Sayantani and Urvashi were, therefore, overgrowth alpha 191 nominated.

Here's your favourite Dipika in a tell-all exclusive like none other. Vrajesh being the house captain was immune and was not asked to nominate.

Dipika's emotional outburst. Rohit reminisces his journey! It is not equipped with amenities like air conditioning, microwave ovens, sink and swimming pool. Housemates nominated Sana, Urvashi and Vishal. While talking to the ladies, Ajaz shares the story about his first interaction with Armaan at a club where people were running away while Armaan was standing and hitting people.

For the first housemates voted openly on the interview night before Salman. Aashka as captain nominated Sampat directly placing her up for eviction.

Surbhi faces the Dipika music. Here's the first runners-up Sree Santh talking about his journey in the game, life after Bigg Boss, his relation with Dipika and much more!

Sree, Kamya's favourite housemate. Karishma was evicted from the house in a surprise mid-week eviction with the aid of a teleportation Magical act. Dipika Kakar Ibrahim She has not only won the Bigg trophy, but also the nation's heart!

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Search bigg boss season 7 full episodes - GenYoutube

Nominations concluded when Sidhu contemplated on giving the two names. Delnaaz and Rajev were evicted respectively as a consequence. Why Dipika doesn't like Romil? Remaining housemates nominated Aashka, Niketan and Vrajesh.

What's the Romil-Somi story? As the day progresses, Ajaz is seen chatting with Kamya and Pratyusha and bonding with them.

When babus need to shut up on social media. Post nominations she was asked to save two housemates from eviction.

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Aparshakti's favourite moments. Calm, kaam and charm game! Meet the Sree Santh family.

Highlights From Grand Finale. Consequently Sapna, Mink and Niketan became immune. Dipika or Surbhi, Priyank picks.

Somi-Deepak a possibility? Dipika's pre-finale grilling session. With receiving the lowest number of votes Aashka, Karishma, Sana and Sapna were put up for eviction. While Surbhi accepts that she has the loudest voice in the house, she also asserts on being the wisest. Vote against a pair added one vote against each individual in the respective pair.