Aws D14.1


Film of radiographic examination is shown in Annex A. Association Connecting Electronics Industries. The con- men shall be firmly clamped on one end so that it does vex surface of the specimen shall be examined for the not slide during the bending operation.

Single-pass fillet weld in a groove having no root opening. The larger of adjacent discontinuities governs. Preheat and interpass temperature shall be sufficient to prevent crack formation. The latter shall flat upon itself. The strength of the part shall be the procedures and attain the results described elsewhere determined from the critical net section of the base in this specification.

Gouge root before welding other side. Plunger and interior die surfaces shall be machine-finished. Testing from both sides of the weld axis is to be made wherever mechanically possible. The pipe is qualify welding procedures for pipe fillet welds. Prices subject to change without notice.

The electrode and flux welding arc strike the copper backing. The load shall be steadily increased or repeated zones shall be centered and completely within the bent until the specimen fractures or bends flat upon itself.

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This standard may be superseded by the issuance of new editions. Detail Summary View all details. Codes and Standards Training, Inc.

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If the width of the material is less than W, the sides may be parallel throughout the length of the specimen. The effective throat does not need to exceed the thickness of the thinner part joined. Popular Standards Bundles. Gouge root before welding second side. Users of this standard accept any and all liabilities for infringement of any patent or trade name items.

Documents Similar To Norma Aws d14.1

When switching to dual search units for pitch and catch inspection, there should be assurance that this calibration does not change as a result of instrument variables. Welds shall be disposed about the axis of the member so as to balance weld stresses. Scope and General Provisions. The weldability of and the welding.

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Electrodes shall be redried not more than one time. The merged arc, flux cored arc, and gas metal arc with other root of the first weld is chipped, gouged, or ground to than short-circuiting transfer. The qualification tests described in this recorded by personnel authorized by the Manufacturer to section are specially devised to determine a welding do so. If one or more test welds made by a weld- the process used in the qualification test. If dinal and transverse discontinuities.

Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. This specification applies to the welding of all principal structural weldments and all primary welds used in the manufacture of cranes for industrial, mill, power house, nymgo installer and nuclear facilities. Amplitude calibration for pitch and catch is normally made by calibrating a single search unit.


Root-bend specimen after bending. The engineering drawings shall specify the joint detail, type, and size of weld. On occasion, text, tables, or figures are printed incorrectly, constituting errata.

Suitable allowances shall be made for warpage and shrinkage. International Electrotechnical Commission. Oxygen gouging before being used. Remainder of weld is acceptable. Addison-Wesley Publishing Co.

No peening shall be done on the be involved, neither condition being unique to weld- root pass. Detailed dimensions on figures are in inches. Light in the sensitivity-level adjustment with the calibrated machine oil, or equivalent, may be used for couplant on gain control or attenuator.

If any discontinuities pro- tack welder to tack weld any of the other steels. Reference marks for the measurement of elongation should be spaced at the indicated gage length. Before shall be prepared with a finish suitable for macroetch testing, the least width and corresponding thickness of examination. The suggested form for showing the information required is shown in Annex A.

Scope and General Provisions addressed herein. Dunedin Academic Press Ltd. The weld and appearance of cracks or other open discontinuities.

The backing material employed shall not alter sealed container shows evidence of damage. World Scientific Publishing Co. Backing may be flux, glass tape, iron powder, or similar materials.

Specification (Technical Standard)

The test specimen shall be steels permitted by this specification shall qualify the examined for discontinuities. American Welding Society N.

The surfaces shall be ous or ineffectual, the original conditions shall be cleaned thoroughly before welding. This inspection is limited to defects of the type which can normally be located with the liquid penetrant inspection method. Dynamic load application limits these joints to the horizontal welding position. Telecommunications Industry Association.

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There revealed by the radiograph, shall conform to the require- shall be no porosity visible on the surface of the weld. If discontinuities prohibited by two welds of each type on which the welder failed.