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LinkScanner can be used also as a stand-alone product alongside other brands of antivirus software. The results are compatible with the ones other security products display. Best Answer chosen by Russ Russell. Please let us know the status of the issue to help you further.

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Best Answer chosen by Nick F. The most dangerous page on the web may be the one you are about to click on. Just stop it will you or provide a system to disable your adverts. You can post the screenshot here on your topic. Thank you for reaching out to us with your concerns.

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Do you want our antivirus for Android instead? Tried to open as administrator, still isn't opening. What other options do I have, apart for disabling the antivirus? However, we will take this as your valuable feedback and pass it up to our developers.

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This file is for Mac and won't work on your Android. It protects your computer without any effort from your part, although you have the possibility to adjust its settings at any time. Real-time scanning of links you click on for threats Scanning of links returned from web searches for threats Real-time scanning for web based threats when you click on any link. Do you want our cleaning app for Mac instead?

Online threats are not all about viruses, as identity and personal information stealing have become a real issue. We handpick them from our own products or those of partners we feel can add to your security or digital experience. This is not acceptable for me, as it would slow down the development to a crawl. Analysis of each web page instead of the web site.

It will not slow your system down. Are they just trying to sell me something I don't need? Do you want our cleaning app for Android instead? This software is a handy solution that enables you to search and surf the Web without worries.

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Why am I being asked to purchase the Anti Tracking tool? The Internet has become the main instrument for communication and getting information all around the world. This file is for Android and won't work on your Mac.

LinkScanner prevents you from accessing this site and, if any direct exploit threat is present, blocks that code from entering the computer. LinkScanner was unable to scan this page. Emphasis on analyzing the websites you actually visit, you save me kenny chesney mp3 so you can feel confident LinkScanner is protecting you. This antivirus file is for Android and won't work on your Mac.

Its free, downloadable software allows novice users to have basic anti-virus protection and then easily upgrade to greater levels of safety and defense when they are ready. Unknown LinkScanner was unable to scan this page. Best Answer chosen by Lisa Corbin. To disable individual components, please follow the steps provided by Balasubramanian S in his post. Best Answer chosen by Pauline Taylor.

Best Answer chosen by Alex Nicholls. Best Answer chosen by Patricia Viera. Still, you can access the website if you really want to.

Best Answer chosen by Mike Phelan. It begins protecting you immediately. Search-Shield and Surf-Shield.

After enabling the addon, the program alerts you of any possible threat found on a website by displaying a rating and the risk category in your search engine. This antivirus file is for Mac and won't work on your Android. Best Answer chosen by Aleksandar Djajic.

Best Answer chosen by Saad Malik. As the names suggest, these components, once activated, help you keep away from web-based attacks when searching or surfing the Internet. It verifies the safety of web pages you visit, and of links returned from web searches Google, Yahoo!

Tough on Threats Real-time scanning of links you click on so you can be sure you are protected from the latest hacked or exploited websites. It protects you from ever-increasing online threats, by checking each web page in real time before it opens on your computer. Available in English only.