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So when they come home from all the battles, To show off the all their heroic medals. One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four We like it here We love it here We've finally found a home A home A home A home away from home Hey! Every jumper has additional equipment he is carrying.

They say that in the Army, the meat is mighty fine Last night we had ten puppies, this morning only nine. They say that in the Army, the pancakes are mighty fine You can try to chew them, but you're only wasting time. They say that in the army, the tents are waterproof You wake up in the morning and you're floating on the roof.

And they ran but only a few lines of the cadence made it into the movie. They eventually realized it wasn't me. Hit the drop zone with my feet apart Legs in my stomach and feet in my heart. She was an ugly ugly women!

Wow are there some prissy people in this thread. That is how I know I was doing it right. Slip to the left and slip to the right Slip on down to a firefight. They say that in the Army, the shoes are mighty fine You ask for size eleven, they give you size nine.

Essential Bootcamp Workout of the U.S. Military Tracklist

Marine Corps Cadences

They bring back a lot of memories. Glory, glory what a helluva way to die. We had both just seen the remake of night of the dead and were discussing finding outselves barracaded into a lonely farmhouse.

  1. But she was mine all mine!
  2. Your memory is pretty good!
  3. They say that in the Army, the buses are mighty fine One went round the corner, and left three wheels behind.
  4. You will not march down the street.

He said the world was round - oh He said it could be found - oh The hypothetical navigating son-of-a-gun Colombo. The plane is traveling at about knots, and even the slightest delays causes big spaces. But one thing that has always facinated me about the military is the grisly morgue humor that runs pretty much throughout the working-class ranks.

Do you know any marching cadences like this

Most of the other privates had never heard of Warren Zevon, but I always got a kick out of it. He is to check his equipment to make sure it is secured properly, and that the equipment for the man next to him is also secure. One day, I pulled the joke, I pulled the plug and watched her choke, but I'd buy her anything to keep her alive, yeah! Cuz all I ever wanna see, Is bodies, dating broken bodies.

And if my main don't open wide, I've got a reserve by my side. It's true that some of us will die Airborne rangers learn to fly But not today as I hit the ground Lock and load another round. Peter at the pearly gate, Said, Gee, St. The jumpmaster has the option of going first, or last, but in my experience they have always gone last.

Stand up hook up shuffle to the door jump right out and count to four

Mission Top Secret, destination unknown, how do i hook We don't know if we're ever coming home. It was not a good day for him. One-oh-one Screaming eagles Pick up your rope and follow me I'm the air assault infantry.

If that one should fail me too, Look out ground I'm coming through. When I was at Ft Bragg, they played a running cadence tape over the loudspeakers at full volume on Ardennes St starting just after reveille. She won't do it but her sisiter will. Your direct line to thousands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks. When I was in basic and had to drill my flight I would call classic Marine Corps cadence.

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Creeds and Cadences

Military Cadences
Army Cadences

If he's lucky, someone will get his butt transferred to someplace where his creativity is useful, but I have a feeling he'll just get reprimanded often. Someone just wrote french words for it. She's the one who made my finger stink. In another thread I posted the Suffocation song lyrics, which others seemed to know as well. In her house her daddy has a shotgun, He has it in the spring time in the merry month of May.

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Common Running Cadence
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It was a great time and people loved watching us. Tell my momma I've done my best. Basic Training is plenty rough To make it through you must be tough Hey, Squad Leader, don't be blue They're gonna make you a soldier too. Oh hail, Oh hail, Oh infantry Queen of battle, follow me Oh, airborne ranger's the life for me For nothing in this world is free. In fourteen hundred and ninety-two A begger bound for college Was roaming in the streets of Spain And selling hot tamales.


Please Enter Your last name With no spaces before or after. We had a lovely discussion about boobie traps and home made explosive and antipersonnel devices. And now the one you posted is stuck in my head.

Each jumper is to double check his static line and make sure it is properly hooked onto the anchor cable. Hookin and a jabbin, dating Slashin and a stabbin. Throw another hand grenade! Government keeps track of where all Veterans currently are.

No, create an account now. They say that in the Marine Corps, The chow is mighty fine! At least that is what I did when I was jumpmaster. They say that in the Army, the bed's are mighty fine But how the hell would I know, I've never slept in mine.

And if that one should fail me too, Look out below, I'm coming through. Here we go again Same old stuff again Marching down the avenue Few more days and we'll be though I won't have to look at you So, I'll be glad and so will you! As an ex-airforce brat and ex-cadet, these all make me giggle.

Sung out loud by soldiers you can sing them in your head

If the main don't deploy right, I got a reserve by my side. Through the desert and across the plains Steaming jungles and tropic rains No mortal foe can stop me now This is gonna be my solemn vow. Some people need to chill out and be reminded that singing a song about something is not the same as doing it, or even agreeing with it. Should have seen the mess I made.

More outlawed marching cadences Archive - Straight Dope Message Board

But that's just funny in the context of a marching cadence. Some of my best memories are the cadences that we sounded off to as we marched or ran. Please let us know why you believe this cadence is inappropriate and we'll look into it.

  • Mama mama can't you see What this core has done for me They put me in a barbers chair Snip snap there goes my hair Dress right and cover down!
  • When I went to basic, we had some pretty tame ones.
  • Flag Cadence Please let us know why you believe this cadence is inappropriate and we'll look into it.

Pin my medals upon my chest. This is the line that will deploy their parachutes. Blood, guts, sex and danger That's the life of an Airborne Ranger! That's all I can remember, but it was lame though. Each jumpmaster is responsible for the two rows of men on his side of the aircraft.

U.S. Army (Ranger) Cadence - If I Die In A Drop Zone

Stand up hook up shuffle to the door jump right out and count to four

And up upon the bolden scene, Stands the United States Marines. Stand up sit down shuffle to the door Jump on out and count to four If that chute don't open wide I've got another one by my side If that chute don't open too Tell St. No one could understand a damned thing I called out, and they all pretty much hated me. Stand-up, Hook-up, shuffle to the door, dating doctors in nyc Jump right out and count to four.

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